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Love A Pig

Our number one priority at Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm is the quality of life and health of our animals.
All piglets adopted are dewormed and treated for parasites. If we are able, males will be neutered and starting 08-14-21 all pigs and piglets will be micro-chipped. 
We use Livestock Veterinary Services   in Kinston, NC. If you are not local to Kinston and cannot find a pig vet please let us know and we will do our best to help you find one. 
No piglet will be adopted before they are 100% fully weaned and of age. 

Before adopting any pet pig please understand the responsibility owning a pig entails. 
For any questions and care tips please reach out to us.


Rescue Potbelly Pigs: Prices may very
Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm Potbelly Piglets: $180


We want all of those adding a Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm pet pig to their family to not have to stress about micro-chipping their new pet, so every pet pig starting 08-14-21 will now be micro-chipped.

Registration is free and all you have to do is register the micro-chip number that we provide you to, link is listed below. If you have trouble with registration please reach out to us.


All pig adoptions at Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm are held to the following policy and guarantee. We do try to work with the customer as much as possible, as everything we do is for the animals and those that love them. Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm, LLC has the right to refuse any adoption.

-Health-• All pet pigs will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of adoption. We will also disclose any and all information about the pig to the best of our knowledge. Pigs showing outward signs of infection, visible illness, mites or parasites will not be adopted until properly treated.•All pigs are handled, but remember piglets can bite. biting and running are the only form of protection piglets have. Keep fingers away from any animals mouth! -Return Policy-• We do offer a 24 hour return policy with a full refund on the prive of pet pigs; however if the pig was delivered with a delivery fee the delivery fee is non-refundable. The hold fee is also non-refundable. We feel that the bond between pet and human are important and if there are things that hinder that bond such as allergies or lack of interest, then please feel free to return the pet within 24 hours and in the same condition as purchased for a full refund on the price of the pet pig. You are responsible for returning the animal back to Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm. 

-Holding Policy-• Unfortunately, due to many no shows there is now a non-refundable $25 holding fee for pet pigs that you wish to be held. • Unless prior arrangements have been made, pet pigs not picked up within the allotted time frame that is discussed between the customer and Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm will be relisted for adoption.• Held pet pigs are still considered property of Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm until they have been paid for in full and the new owner takes ownership.

-Delivery-• We will never ship any live animals. All animals can be picked up at Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm or may be picked up at any Flock Swap event we are at.• We do deliver! LOCAL DELIVERY IS FREE! For pet pigs we will travel 60 miles for free delivery. Dues for delivery over long distances must be paid before the pig is delivered -These fees are NON REFUNDABLE!

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