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How Humphrey Honey Bunny Farm Began

PART ONE - The Facebook Post and the Hurricane

It all started November 11th, 2015 during Hurricane Ana. My husband, Steven seen a post on Facebook of a woman who needed help with some potbelly piglets. Being the kind-hearted soul that Steven is he offered for us to help and we did just that.

The woman that made the post on Facebook about the piglets was driving out of state and passing through North Carolina, so we had to meet her on her terms. Which given the circumstance was totally fine. We gathered what we thought we needed, got our three boys buckled into their sets, and hit the road. Little did we know that during our travels for three little piglets we would be hit with Hurricane Ana.

Pitch black in the middle of the night with gusting winds, and heavy downpours we made it to our destination! Then, we had to wait. Thankfully the kids were in the back seat asleep while we waited.

Through the darkness and the rain we seen headlights. We were the only ones sitting in the Sheetz parking lot in the middle of a hurricane, so it had to be obvious that we were the pig people this woman was looking for. We jumped out of the (at the time) van and this woman handed us two boxes. "Sorry we can take them with us", she replied and quickly left. There we were with two squirming, squealing boxes. Steven and I looked at each other with the dumbfounded look of what the heck just happened?!

Steven opened one box and there squeals four potbelly piglets. Steven opened the second box and there were four more piglets! That night during Hurricane Ana we rescued eight two week old poybelly piglets.

Picture taken 11.11.2015 by Brittney Humphrey

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