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Grow A Sweet Potato as A Houseplant

I never imagined how joyfully it would be to watch a sweet potato sprout and grow beautiful vines. Until one day my husband took one of my sweet potatoes that had been setting around too long and turned it into a house plant.

What you need:

- Organic sweet potato

- Large jar

- 4 or more toothpicks

- Water

If you have a sweet potato that you haven't got around to using and is already sprouting root nodes (eyes) DON'T throw it out! This is the perfect time to take advantage of turning a sweet potato into a house plant.


Fill a jar with at least four inches of water. I used a large pickle jar, because that is what I had on hand. A sixteen ounce mason jar will work too. Firmly pace four toothpicks around the sweet potato, so the sweet potato can balance on top of the jar. Allow the tip of the sweet potato to be submerged in the water. Place the jar with you sweet potato in front of a window or in

an area where it will get plenty of sun light.

Sit back and watch white roots sprout from the bottom of the sweet potatoe into the water. Greenish purple vines will soon sprout with beautiful bright green leaves.

Be sure to change the water as the water evaporates. As the vines grow and the roots get bigger change to a bigger jar.

Photo credit: Brittney Humphrey

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